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What has the press said about me?

"Lindberg is uproarious as she sings “Ireland.” Lindberg [brings] a vast amount of energy to the stage, and the rest of the cast picks up on this."

                         - Susan Brall (MD Theatre Guide) - Legally Blonde @ Small Town Stars Theatre Company

"Skye Lindberg as Beth proves that you can be talented at multiple things and do them all well... Here we get to see her onstage as a very talented actress and singer. Songs such as "My Heart Gave In" and "Mr. Wonderful" prove this point."

                         - Elliot Lanes (Broadway World) - Musical Therapy @ Capital Fringe 2018

"While traditionally, the role of The Valet is often played by a man, Skye Lindberg steps up and adds depth to a character that might be overlooked otherwise. While Lindberg’s opening scene with Pafumi sets the tone for the rest of the evening, it’s her non-verbal acting that will draw you in. No matter where she is onstage (or off-stage), make sure you keep an eye on Lindberg."

                         - Leandra Lynn (DC Metro Theater Arts) - No Exit @ Dark Horse Theatre Company

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