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What am I up to, you ask?



Audition season is in full swing! I'd love to work with YOU next!


WHAT: Linda in Evil Dead the Musical

WHERE: Cumberland Theatre, Cumberland, Maryland

WHEN: October 2023

This show was such a blast, I still think about it every day! From belting my heart out as lovesick Linda, to my evil laugh as I come back from the dead to kill Ash, it was such a fun role. Kimberly and the entire team at CT was welcoming, professional, and I cannot wait to work with them again! More photos can be found in my gallery!


I just got back to NYC after spending almost the entirety of 2022 touring with NTC. I performed shows all over the states of Florida and North Carolina! It was a blast performing for elementary age students in a show all about energy conservation and sustainability. Photos ca be found in my gallery.

WHAT: Touring with the National Theatre for Children

WHERE: Florida and North Carolina

WHEN: Fall and Spring 2022

Screen Shot 2024-02-25 at 3.14.50 PM.png

WHAT: #cottagecore - Lauren (Principal)

WHERE: Filmed in Northern Virginia

WHEN: Filmed during Summer 2021

This film was a blast to shoot! Led by writer and director, Rebecca Wahls, the cast, creative team, and crew was so talented and fun to be around. I played a barista, and we filmed most of the scenes in an adorable French cafe in Herndon, VA. I loved being behind the counter and learning how to make espresso. Keep an eye out for updates, we hope to premiere at a festival soon!


WHAT: Abernathy - VCU Student Film

WHERE: Filmed in Richmond, Virgina

WHEN: Released Summer 2021

Abernathy was a fantastic production to be involved with. From casting to production, the team was thoughtful, talented, and made the experience memorable. The part of Penelope Abernathy was challenging and fun!


Check out my resume for all previous projects!

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